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Below I have listed some of the online resources for poster creation and history.

The Most Comprehensive Poster Resource on the Internet
Rene Wanner's Poster Page

Commercial Fine Art Sites (See also Commercial Poster Print Sites, below).
Fine Art America
My digital art is proudly displayed on this site.

Upstream People Gallery

5 of my posters received Special Recognition:

VSA Arts

Commercial Poster Print Sites
prints of fine art and poster designs.

Commercial prints of fine art and poster designs.

Barack Obama Poster Collection (The Black Art Depot)

Galeria Plakatu Kracow
Commercial Polish poster gallery.

Gallery Rouse
Commercial site that sells original vintage posters.

International Poster Gallery
Commercial poster prints. Extensive.

IVPDA: International Vintage Poster Dealers Association
A very large collection of original posters for sale on various sites.

ORK Posters (City Neighborhood Posters)
These posters consist of the outline of a city, say, Los Angeles, filled with the names of the various neighborhoods. Very interesting designs result.

Polish Posters Shop
The title tells you what you need to know.

Poster Classics

Commercial prints of poster art.

Sports Poster Warehouse
On the navigation bar choose "Vintage Poster Art" for some very well done posters on various sports. I usually skip sports, but there are some exceptional designs in this collection.

Nancy Steinbock Posters
Don't let the cutesy graphic on the home page scare you away. This commercial site offers posters that in general have high artistic merit.

Yaneff International Gallery
A commercial site with Art Nouveau and Art Deco poster art.

Christian Art In Worship Sites
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts)

Victory Garden of Tomorrow
"This [site] is a self-commissioned poster campaign committed to civic innovation and social progress— better food, better gardens, better cities. It is artful advocacy for the modern home front." The posters are modeled after the WPA posters of the early 20th century.

Historical Collection Sites

a Greyspace Poster Gallery
"This gallery mostly consists of Polish posters designed since 1940 (with the exception of some posters by Czech and Cuban designers as well as US born, Saul Bass)."

Airline Poster Art
A large collection of airline posters from the whole world from circa 1970 through the present.

Cochise County Cycling Classic
This small collection is wonderful. The posters are original and often beautiful.

Merril C. Berman Collection

This collection is the premier source for the avant-garde poster in the early 20th century. I wish that more of these posters were online for study.

Jacqueline S. Casey Poster Collection
This collection is well worth the hassle of navigating a website that was probably designed by code geeks rather than visual designers. The posters are astounding in their simplicity and power, even in our digital age.

Chinese Posters Online (University of Westminster)
The posters in this collection include many works that are not directly political in nature and are often of considerable artistic merit. Yes, I know, politics are the looming backdrop of Communist China. However, many of these works go beyond the stereotypical fat babies and blissfully happy workers that "social realism" foists on the populace.

Contemporary Polish Posters

Dansk Plakatmuseum (Danish Poster Museum)

Far and Wide: The Golden Age of Travel Posters

This collection contains posters that are quite beautiful and worth the effort to view them all.

The International Poster Collection (CSU, Fort Collins, Colorado)
A large collection of contemporary posters.

ITALIA (Italian Government Tourist Board — North America)
A small, but very interesting collection of Italian Art Deco Posters. I am especially impressed with the variety and creative use of typography in these works.
You'll have to copy the URL below and paste it into your browser's address field in order to access this page.
You may also download a PDF of additional Italian posters here:

KJA Vintage Posters, Maps, and Prints

The name says it all. A very large collection conveniently organized into 19 categories. See especially the restored WPA posters and the sepia portraits of Native Americans. And if you like garish, in-your-face, there's-a-sucker-born-every-minute style, there is a large circus poster collection as well.

London Transport Museum
Extensive collection of posters for "The Underground." If you like Edward Johnston's famous typeface designed for Underground, then you will find this series of posters irresistible.

Museum of the Russian Poster
An extensive collection. The bulk of the collection is from the Soviet era, but there are many posters that were created before the 1917 revolution and after the collapse of the USSR.

Nederland Archief Grafisch Ontwerpers (The Dutch Archive of Graphic Design)
Contemporary Dutch posters.

The National Archives

, Polish Poster Gallery (Berlin, Germany)
Yes, that really is its name.

The Polish Poster Collection: RIT
A large number of posters. Click on "Digital examples of the polish poster collection" to view the posters by title.

Poster Archive of the MAK—
Austrian Museum of applied arts / contemporary art

This is a very extensive collection. Enter "Secession" (=Art Nouveau) and be rewarded with posters that explore the great Austrian work in this style. These posters demonstrate not only the Secessionist graphics, but also their creative use of lettering.

Puerto Rican Posters, 1952-1985

Religious Resources

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
Large collection of vintage commercial and military aircraft posters. I cannot access the site using Safari, but FireFox allowed me to enter indirectly. Once on the home page, select Collections from the menu bar and the use the search field to find "Fly Now." Awkward, yes. But, after all, this is a federal government site.

UCLA Digital Library
Worldwide posters about AIDS.

VADS (Visual Arts Data Service)
See especially the Halliwall collection.

General articles about posters.

WPA Posters Online

Political Poster Sites

Center for the Study of Political Graphics

The Chairman Smiles (International Institute of Social History)
I love the ironic title. The posters are from communist Russia, China and Cuba. While the chairman smiles sanguinely on his people, many of them are being rounded up, tortured and executed.

Chinese Posters

Creative Defiance: The Graphic Design of Chaz Maviyane-Davies
Powerful and often moving posters on social and political justice in Africa.

Dutch Political Posters
Posters arranged by subject by the International Institute of Social HIstory.
See also this page for more Dutch posters:

Liberation Graphics
A very interesting site where the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is seen through the poster art produced by both sides in this seemingly endless war.

George C. Marshall Foundation
Large collection of posters related to WW II. The Nazi posters are of particular interest since most of the propaganda generated in Hitler's Germany was destroyed after the war.

Poster Collection (American University of Beirut Jafet Library
"Political posters collected between the 1960s and the 1980s. These posters were collected from their original sources or from the American University of Beirut campus where they were posted. This collection covers two main topics:
  • The Palestinian Question
  • Lebanon and the Lebanese Civil War "

Propaganda Posters
Although this site is poorly designed, hard to navigate, and obviously not written by a native English speaker, it is worth the effort to peruse this interesting collection. Here is the hype from page one: "Most posters in our collection are originals, acquired in Russia in the 80's (exceptions are clearly marked), political posters, made in the period 1950 - 1990, published with the supervision of the Communist Party, and were designed to make people work harder, be better communists and good patriots."

Steven Landsberger Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages

The Visual Front
Posters of the Spanish Civil War.
Unfortunately, the collection above contains only Republican (=Communist) propaganda works. For a small collection that includes Nationalist (=Fascist) propaganda posters, go to:

War + Iraq: Campaign on Iraq Poster Exhibition
This site displays the reaction of the design world to the war in Iraq. The posters were designed by professionals, students and others. Most are done simply; many are quite powerful.

War Posters (University Libraries, University of Washington Digital Collection)

Poster Art Streams
flckr. Poster Design

Google Images

Click on the URL below, then enter "poster" in the search field.

Typographic Posters
Various sites that feature typography as the main design vehicle.

A site that features typographic experiments. Very interesting even though the navigation is confusing and the need to scroll from right to left to see all of someone's posters is awkward.

Posters Based On Numbers